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Today’s specials

Served until 16:00 every day – 3190,-
Served from 16:00 every day – 4090,-

Fiskur dagsins / Fish of the day
Réttur dagsins / Today’s special
Hamborgari mánaðarins / Burger of the month

The Bastard‘s

The Bastard of Louisiana3690 kr.
Crusted chickend strips with BBQ sauce, french fries and blue cheese dip

The Bastard Steak Sandwich – 4490 kr
Open steak sandwich with beef, Béarnaise sauce, Lyonnaise onions, mushrooms and rucola

Fat Bastard 150 gr3890 kr.
150g Burger, spicy mayo, beef brisket, aged Tindur cheese, tomatoes and onion served with tomato relish, pickled jalapeno, pickles and french fries

Double Bastard 2 X 80 gr.3690 kr.
2x80g Burger with simply cheese and sauce. Bastard house sauce, cheddar cheese and french fries

Skinny Bastard 3690 kr.
Burger with Portobello mushroom, baked garlic aioli, arugula, tomato relish and french fries

French fries 1290 kr.
Side salad 1290 kr.
Extra sauce 390 kr.

Bastard sauce, blue cheese sauce, baked garlic aioli, BBQ sauce, spicy mayo or mustard mayo


Goat cheese & Pears3350 kr.
Crispy flatbread with goat cheese, glazed pears, garlic and oregano cheese, cherry tomatoes, shallots, rucola and balsamic glaze

Beef Carpaccio3350 kr.
Crispy flatbread with beef carpaccio, baked garlic mayo, arugula, Parmesan, crispy sunchokes and roasted almonds

Chicken3350 kr.
Crispy flatbread with fajitas chicken, pickled onions, rucola, sriracha and mustard mayo

Grilled Beef3350 kr.
Crispy flatbread with grilled beef hanger steak, pickled onions, rucola, truffle oil and
black garlic mayo

Chorizo & Cheese3350 kr.
Crispy flatbread with cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, chorizo, Bastard buffalo sauce and scallions

TACO (SOFT TACO) 2 pcs. 2990 kr. 3 pcs. 3850 kr.

Beef Brisket
Soft tortilla with braised beef brisket, spicy mayo, Lyonnaise onions, hazelnuts and garden cress

Crispy Chicken Tenderloins
Soft tortilla with deep fried chicken in crispy spice crust, rucola, chorizo, jalapeno, chili mayo and pickled onions

Pulled Pork
Soft tortilla with pulled pork, mustard dressing, pickled red cabbage and crispy sunchokes

Grilled Beef
Soft tortilla with grilled beef hanger steak, chimichurri, pickled onions, jalapeño and corn salsa, and mustard mayo

Tiger Prawns
Soft tortilla with sautéed tiger prawns in chili sauce, pickled onions, pico de gallo and crispy sunchokes

Deep Fried Cauliflower (Vegan)
Soft tortilla with deep fried cauliflower in spicy Bastard buffalo sauce, aioli, carrots and radishes

Tuna ceviche
Soft tortilla with tuna ceviche, wasabi mayo, sesame seeds and crispy sunchokes

Chili sin carne
Soft tortilla with vegan mince, pickled red cabbage, corn, jalapeño, aioli and crispy carrots


Chicken Wings – Korean BBQ – 2790 kr
Garlic hummus, chipotle chili hummus and date pesto with sundried tomatoes, served with grilled garlic flatbread

Deep fried cauliflower – 2790 kr.
Deep fried cauliflower in panco crust served with ponzu dressing and wasabi mayo

Pretzel – 2790 kr.
Served with warm jalapeno cheese dip

Nachos – 2790 kr.
Served with warm jalapeno cheese dip, and pico de gallo

Tiger Prawns “Japanese style” – 2790 kr.
Deep fried crusted tiger prawns served with ponzu dressing and wasabi mayo.

Baked Camembert – 2990 kr.
Honey roasted nuts, fruit and chili chutney and crispy flatbread

Egyptian Hummus – 2790 kr.
Hummus with zumac, cinnamon, cumin and crispy sunchokes, served with Libanese flatbread


Deep Fried Vanilla Ice Cream – 2190 kr.
Brownie bites with strawberries

Warm Caramel Roll – 2190 kr
Baked with caramel, served with whipped cream
Top with Amaretto liqueur for 900 kr.
(takes 15 minutes to bake)

Cinnamon Churros – 2190 kr.
Deep fried churros with nutella and caramel sauce

Irish Coffee – 2600 kr.
Cold brewed coffee, irish coffee, demerara sugar, cream

Espresso Martini – 3100 kr.
Espresso, coffee liqueur, vodka, orange demerara

Bottomless Brunch

Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 to 16:00

You may choose as many courses as you can handle for 2 hours.
The menu consists of 25 different small courses.
All this for only 5990 kr. per person and you can add bottomless drinks for as little as 3990 kr.